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The Stanley, A Hotel that Inspires Stephen King on “The Shining”

The Stanley

There was something that made goose bumps from Colorado – the state of the United States was full of dead cities from the era of a sudden wave of gold mining businesses, which were finally abandoned due to the economic depression of the 1930s. It’s not surprising that Colorado is the favorite area of the famous horror novelist Stephen King. Located deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, precisely in Estes Park, The Stanley Hotel is a hotel containing 142 colonial-style rooms, which first opened in 1904. In 1977, this magnificent hotel became the inspiration for King’s bestselling book, The Shining. Three years later, the same hotel used as the location of the film shooting which is the novel adaptation movie starring Jack Nicholson.

The Stanley Hotel is now a kind of temple that is visited by the horror film enthusiasts who are curious to experience the awesomeness of this hotel. Maybe, they hope to be lucky experiencing mystical things there. The large window located at the top of the hotel’s grand staircase is the entrance to the cool breeze that blows from the lobby. Rumors of ghost sightings of the Hallway from which are full of twists and turns inside the hotel building are still ‘fertile’.

When Stephen King and his wife stayed at the hotel in 1974 (in room 217), they were shocked abysmal because they were the only guests in the hotel. These two lovebirds have dinner in the empty dining room with accompaniment to classical music that makes the hair stand on end. “Looks like God deliberately put me there to see and hear all the horrors,” recalls King at that time. The night’s horror wasn’t over yet. While sleeping, King had a nightmare. “I dreamed of seeing my 7-year-old son run around looking back, his eyes bulging, and kept screaming. He was chased by a fire hose. I woke up. My body was wet with sweat and almost fell out of bed. I woke up right away. a cigarette then sat in a chair in front of the window that led to the Rocky Mountains. As soon as my cigarette ran out, I immediately got the initial plot of The Shining! “